Thursday, January 17, 2008

What are you thinking?

So I was looking around online at upcoming races and came across the Austin 70.3 Ironman. How cool would that be? The date is Oct. 5, so it comes right at the end of this years tri season for myself. My goal for next year was to be ready for a 70.3 at Lake Stevens, but you know, this would be cool too! I'd be up to racing at Olympic distance at least twice by then (hopefully)! I'd have Black Hills and Kirkland back to back weekends then three weeks for the Austin race. SO tempting!!! What to do, what to do. I guess this would be as good as any time to do it.

Back to this weeks training. AK is tearing up her weekly runs and pounding out 5 nights of running a week. I'm impressed, and trying to keep up! It's so much easier though with knowing that when you feel like bagging on a workout, that there's someone to help kick you out of the house and push you down the road. I got in a few really good runs and workouts, but I'm really happy with 2 strong swims I've had this week. No biking yet, George still has a flat that I need to get to. Which reminds me, our friend Eileen said she was signing up for the STP (Seattle to Portland ) sweet! That would be a great ride to do some year and of course give a holler when you get to your training rides.

Also, the Tour of California just posted it's roster for the upcoming race. Still time to get some time off work, rent a RV and camp out in the Altamont Pass and run with riders ....
So I'll be thinking about Austin and trying to figure it out by the end of next week or before it sells out.


Annie in Austin said...

Very interesting! And it's the first one, too.

BS said...

They had one last year, but it wasn't sponsored by Ironman. I'm seriously tore on whether or not to sign up for this. It seems like such a great opportunity, hard to pass up. How close to you guys is this?