Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's only Thrusday.....

This week of training has gone pretty well. A great swim on Wednesday morning and a cool run with AK in the PM after work with just the right speed for the week. On Monday I went to Discovery Park during lunch and had a really good run in some actual sun! And rain. And wind. And sun again!?! OK, it is Seattle... I forget how lucky I am sometimes that I can knock off 4.5 miles at a park like Discovery and be back at my desk in under an hour.

AK is out in the night right now putting in another 3-4 miles on Phinney Ridge. Team Cannoli, our NW group of west and east side family, have Nookachamps race coming up this weekend. TK doing the half marathon, I'm doing the 10k and AK and Lil'K doing the 5k. Should be a fun run for us all.

This week with work has seemed to go on forever and I can't believe it's only Thursday, I'm sure there's some reason I need to work from home tomorrow!

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