Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 into the wild

Excited for this year coming up. 

That morning before Christmas kind of excited. I’ve been injured for the last 7-8 weeks and after looking at my MRI this past week my doc said there’s evidence from scaring, tears and pulls from at least a year back. No surgery needed and PT should get me back to about 90%.

I’m excited because although 2012 was an amazing year and ALL my goals were reached, I never felt 100%. I didn’t tell anyone that my left hip felt like it was going to explode after 4 hours on the bike, or that my hip would go through intense pain after 8 miles of running then go a bit numb.

I felt if I could make it to the taper that I’d get to race day feeling better than any training day. Luckily, and I mean that, everything turned out great for race day. By far IMC was one of the greatest days I’ve ever had. And really when I think about it, it had little to do with the actual race, it was the support from loved ones following and cheering both along the road and on-line. The race went by in about 3 minutes : )

Anyways, before I start crying thinking about all that.

Next year, my focus will be on trail running, specifically the Evergreen Trail Run Series (all half marathons). I love running trails and couldn’t wait to start this series. I may only do 1-2 tri’s this year: Lake Stevens and Austin 70.3, so the trail running will take center stage.

Why trail running?

I’ve done 2 trail races and both had intense uphill sections. 12%-24% grades lasting anywhere from .25 mile to 2 miles. I held my own on the uphills, not great, but never got passed. On the flats I could reach and pass a few more people, hold a good 7:30 pace. But on the down hills. I passed more people on the down hills than on the up and flats combined. Sub 7 minute miles on a narrow, steep trail with boulders, mud and sharp turns. Oh, it’s like an addiction.

I figure if I train really hard on going straight up I can hold my own through the trail series. Santa brought us “Unbreakable: Western States 100” on dvd and I haven’t been this excited about running again in a few years. I just can’t get Kilian Jornets’ style of running out of my head.

I blame my high school buddy Scott for this new direction into the wild. He contacted me a few short years ago for tips on running his first half marathon. Now a few Ultra’s under his belt later, he’s got me wanting to do the same. Maybe not Ultra’s just yet, but trails for sure. Our friends Matt and Tiff aren’t any help either, pulling 50K’s and 50 milers out of their legs time after time. And Matt's not even a runner ; )

Amazing stuff, fun stuff.

I guess that’s what it always comes down to, fun stuff. If training is going to take you away from the ones you love for so long, you sure as hell better be doing it because it’s fun as hell and you love to do it.

Well, hope everyone has great goals in mind for 2013 and maybe I’ll get a chance to train w/ a few of you.