Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The hills are alive w/ the sound of ??? Grunting

Mostly living up to it’s name the Chilly Hilly was yesterday and was a great start to bike training this year. Shell, Eileen, Matt and myself took off together on the 9:35 ferry under grey chilly skies. A bit breezy and a few sprinkles here and there – not a good sign.

However, when we rolled off the ferry at the other end, the sun was trying to find it’s way through. Shell and Matt had to make a detour before the start so Eileen and I took off and headed for the hills. HA!

From the start Eileen kept saying” I have to remember this isn’t a race” After we kept passing around the large groups and chasing down anyone breaking away from the groups ; ) this was all in the first 6 miles. We hit some really good pacing up the hills and on what flats there were. The down hills were great, of course, but I didn’t feel like working the downs too hard, too many people and with a later start than the last time Shell and I rode it, the traffic was a bit higher. Although on coasting I still hit 39.5 MPH, little bummed I didn’t hit 40, though it wouldn’t have been hard. Me and the Leanster stopped at the 14 mile stop for about 10 minutes to rewater and grab some snacks, then headed back out. We missed the tiny sign for the main rest stop and just kept on keeping on. MAN can that woman climb hills!!! I felt great for being the second ride of the year, didn’t charge any hills or stress out, cause Eileen was about three bike lengths ahead on most hills ; )

The loose goal for the day was to ride better than the last time, two years ago finished in 2:39, this year worked it hard for a 2:07 finish. Helmet goes off to Eileen who finished closer to 2:02. About 15 yards up the hill at mile 25, I dropped my chain and it jammed between the sprocket and the frame- Grr Arrg!. It took a few to work that out, but I needed the rest and was glad Eileen didn’t wait. I felt good on the last two hills and finished steady and saw the finish just in time, with Eileen waiting there.

It was good to get off the bike and walk around a bit, warning to others looking to ride and have the chili after, get in line as soon as possible. The line took days to get through, but it was so worth it, mmmm chili.

We ate and sat in the sun and I got a text from Shell, they had chain problems and were still at mile 17, oh the horror. So me and Leanster did what anyone in our position would of, - we jumped on our bikes and hunted for a drink. We found a place that over looked the last turn on the route and waited for Shell and Matt to come bursting around the corner, but after a drink and a hour later Shell called and said they were about a hour out. So we hoped the next ferry and headed home and met AK at Chinook's for fish n chips and grilled cheese. I called AK from the ferry to ask for a ride and she started laughing and said “ I was expecting this call” AK rocks for picking our sorry butts up. I won’t mention the death march of a ride from the ferry to Chinook’s with the full on head wind. I was about to abandon the tour if it was a half mile longer.

All in all a pretty great day…

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Out and about....

Last weekend I got out with George on the great ride. From the house to the Ballard Bridge then around the Mag Loop ( Magnolia bike loop) via the Disco for a out and back from the Locks. Then up 34th St. around by Swansons and back to the house. It's kind of a butt kicker of a course and I wanted to see how the legs were doing this early in the season. Lots of running and swimming so far, but not really any bike for the last three months. However, tomorrow I'll ride the Chilly Hilly with Eileen, Shell and a friend of hers and that will start real bike training for this year. Nothing like climbing back into bike training. Plenty of pictures to come after.....

Week totals
1 Swim .71 miles 40 min
2 Bike 24 miles 1:17 hrs
2 Run 9.47 miles 1:14 hrs
3 Other 1:32 hrs

8 workouts 4:45 hrs

Not a very productive week, too many other things going on last week to put together any really good intense workouts. One good run and a 13 mile spin is about all that felt right. The goal for last week in hours was 6:30. The goal for this week has to be 7 hrs minimum.

AK totals

4 Run 16 miles
7 Core 2:10 hrs

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better late than never....

So I left my computer cord and the 21st century at work this weekend. I was computer free from Friday until Monday, it’s amazing how much day to day is connected to this little slim silver box : ) I didn’t even know what my training schedule held for me Sunday and Monday.

This last weekend a member of Team Cannoli, TK ran in the Austin Marathon
TK 3:19:14 312 overall.

And qualified again for Boston!!! Great work out there TK.

Running over the years has always been about setting personal goals and achieving things I thought were just out of reach. I don’t run or do triathlons to directly compete with anyone, mostly cause I feel like I’m too new to either sport to do that, but mostly because that’s not the overall goal. If I PR or compete and have my best possible day, that’s the goal.
I PR’d at Victoria in the half marathon a few years ago and it was at the time the best race I’d ever run. Steady at the start, strong at the turn around and picking up speed for the last 2 miles. Finished the last mile in under 7 minutes. I could feel the training and the hard work pay off as I crossed the line, it was amazing. That’s the goal for myself. I’ve also PR’d and been disappointed with myself. In the Run for the Pies a few years ago I did a Personal Best, but walked once and felt out of shape. I was upset with myself because I didn’t compete and have my best day possible, even though I PR’d, I felt like I let myself down and had no respect for the race distance that day.
I guess I was wrapping this around to say that if I didn’t know TK or someone like TK , I wouldn’t know or have known how far I could of pushed myself all these years. It’s fun to try to keep pace with someone either mentally or on the road that is as capable TK.
Here's TK finishing up at Beaver Lake Tri - his first

Again good work out there in Austin…..

Last weeks totals

2 Swim – 1.61 miles, 1:01 hrs - great swims 40 and 41 laps
1 Bike - 21.5 miles, 1:31 hrs
2 Runs - 9.8 miles, 1:27 hrs
2 Others – 1:28 hrs
7 workouts 5:20 minutes total

Just short of 5.5 that I wanted from the week. However, I was sick with a small fever for 2 days and a stomach thing for 2 days so I’m pretty happy with that.

AK Totals

5 Runs – 20 miles – totally rocking the run again!!!!
7 Core – 2:10 hrs

Next weeks goal is 6.5 hrs it’s already Tuesday and I only have 1:30 so I better get going…..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nasty little week

So this week started with the thought in mind of 'careful what you ask for' as I about melted on my run Tuesday morning. The sun was out and I called work to let them know I was on my death bed and out the door I went. I only had 4 miles on the day scheduled, but remembered a story in Runner's World saying that in the winter months if a day presents it's self in full sun and all the scenery of spring or summer, make that your long run day and call in sick. So I pushed out 6.75 miles and about half way through was looking foe a cloud or two to cover the relentless sun. I loved it, later that day however and did go home sick and have been feeling it ever since. Hot behind the eyes with an upset stomach. Plus , I've whacked my head three times in the last two days !?!? Still got off two great swims and a good core workout. I've felt sick all week, but I think I'm going to hit the 5.5 hours of training I'm looking this week. Weird? I'll take it........

Monday, February 11, 2008

What's new?

This week we added a new member to the family. Last year we lost a huge part of our family and our hearts when Luke passed away. Luke was everything you’d want in a friend and pet. I raced last year with him always in mind, pushing through all the painful moments in a race when I wanted to walk or stop all together. We’ve had this gap in yourselves longing for Luke and not really knowing when the time is right to move on without him. It’s hard to move on when there doesn’t seem to be a need to. I want to cry at least weekly still because my little guy is gone. I stare in the backyard wondering what he’d be doing or if I can see him just over the fence.

Over the last month or so we wanted to get Leia, Luke’s sister, a playmate and someone she could pal around with and be a big sister to. We always had it in mind to get a puppy, three actually, ever since we moved into the house. Now seemed like the right time.

So welcome into the family now, Penny. Our new little bundle of energy and teeth. From zero to 60 in about a floppy 4 seconds and 60 to zero in the time it takes to fall over and close her eyes. We met her on Thursday and moved her in on Friday with the weekend to get up to speed on what to do now. Learning quickly puppies a bit different from kitties.

Also this weekend I ran the Love’m or Leave’m 5k race at Green Lake with my brother Lynn. His first race since I think the 8th grade. It felt great to be out supporting him through his first race and helping him have a good enough experience for it not to be his last. He even mentioned wanting to do the St. Patty’s Dash : )

Here we are just after the start. Still looking fresh and waving to the fans…….

This weeks totals.

4 Runs 17.57 miles
2 Swims 1.48 miles
1 Bike 7 miles 20 minutes
1 Other – core 60 minutes
8 workouts total of 4.9 hours

This week and next have to be a big push to the next level of training. By the end of February I should be up to 7-8 hours a week of training ready to move on a steady 9 by mid March. Doesn’t seem like a huge stretch. The hours I’m logging in now are mainly just from swimming core workouts and short runs. Moving into bike training longer runs and moving swim training up to 4x a week will easily add to those hours needed. As for the energy needed, I get to do the best thing about training – eat and eat a lot.

AK week total
4 runs 15 miles
7 cores 2 hours

AK and the Penny Girl

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's the weather like tomorrow?

OK, I’m so ready for the sun and heat of spring and summer to start. The cold and rainy days are I know ”Life”. I still wouldn’t mind maybe a small chunk of warm weather to run in maybe once every 3 weeks or so. It’s kind of funny because I vividly remember on my 22 mile training run for Phoenix last year, on a cold freezing rain day, running down the Burke saying or yelling to myself “ NO MORE TRAINING THROUGH WINTER!”. And thinking last year at the end of the Pumpkin Push,‘ Just 3.1 miles away from having to run in the cold’. Well, I can’t understand what happened, one minute I’m sitting on the couch munching on cheez-it’s and the next I’m looking at the 29 degree weather as I’m strapping on my forerunner. I blame AK, or Moose for having lousy conversations on the couch???

Moose blowing the candles out on his birthday cake this last year.

With this years training starting out in December it’s hard to get up and face another 28-38 degree weather run or “ cringe, yuck “ bike ride. I can run in most any weather, for better or worst, but unless I’m caught in it and have no choice, I can’t bike in ice cold weather. However, seeing the progress this far in my swim and strength training, as well as keeping my weight at “fighting weight”, even over the holidays is a great payoff.

I got to take out the new bike the other day for a quick 20 minute ride down to Green Lake and back. I can’t wait to get it fitted and start doing longer training rides. Speaking of rides, last Saturday I took George on a ride with Eileen. George was running really smooth and felt like a champ on the hills. He was running good enough to let me keep up with Eileen, which isn’t the easiest thing to do most times. She’s training for the STP this year, to finish in one day. Totally cool.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Not the best week....

Last week I just had to work for every mile, set and lap. I think I was fighting some bug that was going around work. My second swim of the week I felt totally exhausted just 3 laps in, talk about along ways from shore. Well, you know in a pool : )

Week totals…

3 runs 9.19 miles 1.53 hours
2 swims 1.4 miles 1 hour
1 bike 22 miles 1.55 hours
1 other 35 core and upper
8 overall workouts, 4.76 hours


5 runs 18.5 miles WOW!
7 cores 2.33 hours

I have run with my brother Lynn a few times now in some training runs for the Valentines Day run around Green Lake. It's great to see someone start to pick up a interest in running and pretty cool that I get to run with my brother.