Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is it time to Tri already????

This hasn't been the best two weeks leading up to the first race of the year, but hey, you learn from it and roll with it. This weeks training has been done all at 70% or less, which was what was scheduled, but not to still be recovering from the Black Plague. OK, dark grey plague, only hacking and a minor flu like symptom. Still, bad enough...

So I'm not hitting Issaquah at 100% like intended, but that's OK. AK was saying "IT'S ONLY THE FIRST" this season. Which is true, if this was the weeks before Federal Way then I'd be crying like a baby, but it's not so it's cool.

And, even being sick, I can still probably knock some time off of my last Issaquah tri time.......

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Still sick! Two weeks now of not being 100%. Starting to fear that it's chipping away at the base I've been working on for the last 6 months. Only able to hit 6 of last 18 workouts, YIKES!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Enough already with being sick......

Still a little off, with a great cough lasting about a week now. AK has an even worse cough and Penny is bouncing back from her little down turn.

However, no time to be sick, still have to get training in. Last week I was suppose to hit 10 hours, but being sick for the most part I only got to about 7:30. AK said something funny after our run at the Disco last Sunday, mind you we were both sick for about two days at that point. She said " I feel a little better today, not 100%, but I think I turned the corner on being sick" I thought it was funny because she just finished a 4 mile run talking about maybe feeling better about being sick. AK's HARD CORE!!!

This past week Team Cannoli got together for some swim, bike and run training. Shell, TK and I actually swam with the fishes??? We jumped in Green Lake for a pretty good swim and a good reminder of how little pool training relates to open water swim. We all faired pretty well and had about 6-8 2 foot fish swimming around us from time to time.

After we got out TK and AK hit a few laps around the lake with Lil' K following on her bike. While Shell and I biked over to jump on the Mag loop then out to Golden Gardens, before heading up 34th and tackling the Blue Ridge route home. Shell was a good sport and really hung in there on a course she'd never been on before. And what a great day weather wise!!!

OK, have to finish up and go make coffee for the morning.........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

...better now than later???

It was finally sunny Friday, I had planned on taking the day off from work and do a long bike ride and hangout in the yard w/ AK doing much needed yard work. However, Friday morning came w/ a nasty little fever and head cold, so there went that. I went to work and left at 3:00, then hit the couch from 3:30 until 6ish

I bagged on Fridays swim and bike ride, then on Saturdays open water swim and bike ride.

Well, better this week than next week or the week after.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still at it.......

The last few weeks have felt a bit rushed and far from consistent. It’s been almost two weeks since I hurt my right leg and haven’t been able to run on it. This afternoon I think I’ll take it out for a spin and see where I’m at with it. The bike is coming along, I went on a ride around Lake Washington with Eileen on Sunday and just made it home before having to pull over and crawl into a fetal position in the middle of the road!!!

On Friday, as most you know, we got 12 cubic yards of dirt dropped in the front yard that had to be moved to the back. Roughly 14 hours for each of us shoveling and pushing the wheel barrel up into the backyard. So that was Friday and ALL day Saturday.

So of course a bike ride around the lake sounded like a good idea! I knew I was in trouble when I saw the Boeing hanger at the south end of the lake and couldn’t fell my arms or most of my legs? The tank was running on fumes when we rounded Seward and headed for Husky Stadium, but the wheels really came off on the way up Stone Way.

I can usually find a rhythm and stay steady, even when the lights are dim and the hill is steep, but the head wind hit and Eileen just kept getting smaller and smaller. Not to take anything away from Eileen, she’s in great shape getting ready for the STP, but we’re usually pretty even. I was just dying out there at every corner pass the 30 mile mark.

So a great ride at 57 miles, but I think the next time, without moving a crap load of dirt the two days leading in, we could knock off an easy 30 minutes from our time. Probably more, since it felt like it took me about 30 minutes to go from Eileen’s house to ours after we split off. And we only live about 2 miles from each other???

Goal for the week is to wash my bike.

Weeks totals -

Swim - 2 for 1.37 miles 60 minutes
Bike - 2 for 39 miles 2:16 minutes
Run - 1 for 7 miles for 60 minutes
Other - 3 for 4:40 minutes

Total - 8 workouts for 9 hours

AK totals
5 Runs for 26 miles

It’s crazy that the season starts in a few weeks, here are some other totals that are kind of cool to see.

1st 8 weeks of 2008
Swim 10,04 miles / 7.47Hrs
Bike 100.5 miles / 6.58 Hrs
Run 97.57 miles / 13.2 Hrs
Other 8.42 hours

2nd 8 weeks of 2008
Swim 11.79 miles / 8.63 Hrs
Bike 313.06 miles / 22.08 Hrs
Run 94.27 miles / 13.53 Hrs
Other 8.88 Hrs