Sunday, January 6, 2008

One week down.....

First week of training out of the way and in the books. Sunday night is a good night for looking back on the weeks goals and seeing what needs to be worked, what worked well and what was accomplished. That lasts about 30 minutes and then you have to start sizing up the next weeks schedule.

This weeks numbers:

2 core workouts 50 -60 minutes on upper body and core
2 runs - 10.75 (one tempo and one run)
1 Half mile swim - freezing water
1 spin class - first and maybe last of the year. Inside RT knee still sore from

Total: 6 workouts in seven days.

The goal will be to hit 7-8 steady workouts a week and stay steady on weight and energy. This year I'm heading into training at my best weight in the last 3 years, six pounds down from last years start. This will help in the bike for sure.

Speaking of the bike. I've been looking into getting a new bike to replace George as my race bike. I'll still have George as my commuter bike and general use backup. However, I had been test riding this little Kuota Karma at Speedy Reedy , really nice bike. And that was feeling like the next ride, but then I stopped by Gregg's Cycle and hopped on a new Trek. From a fun bike to improve on to a tool that demands improvement. The only downside was the 5 month wait for the back order that I figured was OK because I would receive a week before my first tri this year. I was ready for that, no questions asked, then I get a call saying it will be closer to 4 weeks. SWEET! This means I have about three weeks to get back in shape for the bike.
It's always about incentive......


Annie in Austin said...

It might be easier to Be the Engine on a new Trak!

How sweet to see one of our favorite sayings quoted in the other post.


Annie in Austin said...

Oops - Trek.