Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Be the engine....

So I took yesterday to think about the events that will be “A’s” and “B’s”, it was a little harder than I thought it would be. Especially for the Federal Way Tri, Sprint or 1st Olympic Distance? I placed 11th last year and placing top 10 would totally ROCK!, but it also seems like the best and safest Oly to do as my 1st at that distance. I came away with listing it as my 1st Oly, because I figured this year is about pushing farther into the Olympic mind frame. It’d be great to place top 10 in the sprint, but not at the loss of missing the experience of the Olympic distance before the Black Hills Tri, which will be my “A” race.

“A” races:
Mercer Island Half
SuperJock n Jill 4 mile
SeaFair Half Marathon
Black Hills Tri Olympic
Victoria Half Marathon

Issaquah Triathlon
Seafair Triathlon
Federal Escape Triathlon
Beaver Lake Triathlon ( Yes, back to the Beaver and the little hill at mile 8 )
Kirkland Triathlon

Today I was cleaning up my desktop and found a letter from AK’s aunt that talked about her grandmother that just past away this last month. I was lucky enough to have met her twice and share stories with her, most recently this past summer in Chicago. In the letter she says that a saying her mother said and lived by was “Be the engine, not the caboose”. I think that’s a great mantra for this upcoming season. “Be the engine, not the caboose”

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