Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bodies, rest and motion....

Last week I had a short easy, but intense training week. Week started w/ a good run ( 8.5 miles ) then a bike followed with a well planned day off. Then Wednesday fresh legs for the track, which I wanted to bury myself in - end in a redline one set out w/ a short rest and a final 400m to end on dead legs. I just wanted to put a little hurt in the room to remember the season had started : )

Then I had a bike hill climb the following day with the group - lots of fun, out and around the Mag Loop, Friday was a bike into and back from work (fake day off from training). Pizza at lunch, mmmm

Saturday was a really good honest 12 mile run. Flat first 8 miles then a nasty climb up to the house for the last four. Felt a bit heavy the first 2 miles, ran really slow and wanted to warm up into the pace that I figured would come soon enough.

I was thinking on the run, last week was heavy this week was short and striking. I read a blog entry from a friend of mine Joe Tysoe that talked about “Hammerfests”. And I guess I was thinking about that this last week in that the basic theme was every big effort needs and big recovery. One big week, one smaller - still intense, focused week.

That also got me to thinking about “Hammerfests” in general. I think they’re a waste of time and is something that only distracts or destroys your training schedule. If you have a light day because you worked yourself the day before, but your buddy wants to challenge you to a “easy” 6 mile run and you end up showing them who owns who, but miss the next two or three days of training, then what’s the point?

I love the huge long run on sentences that I can get myself in : )

Anyways -

Today I had a great day on the bike! I did my Blue Ridge loop course, nasty even for me. The last time I hit the top of Blue Ridge I had to jump off my bike and check if I had a stuck brake. I jumped off and spun front and back, but they rolled fine - %$#^%


I wanted to check recovery rate, edge upwards of 85% effort w/ out blowing up on five different hill sets, then all out on the last. I figured the 2-3 minutes back down would give me enough recovery time, without getting cold in between sets.


About a week or two away from the cardio that I want and know I had last year, but still getting stronger as I warm up.

One of the keys this year will be to not be afraid to have a good solid warm up. Sounds easy.....maybe not.

Well this next week adds a few things: swimming? Pool and open water.

Ok, like Flipper said walking home from the bar “I need to get in the water!”. I picked up a new wetsuit today so there’s no - good excuses left....

Penny of course doesn't see the need for a wetsuit

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Checking in...

It's been a great few weeks of training. I've gotten back into pretty good form and am ready to start full swim training in the next few weeks. I finally feel at the point of giving a good hard effort without thinking I'm going to hurt myself in the long run.

I think a few weeks back I put in a great effort on a 28 mile bike ride w/ about 2400 ft of climbing and ended up not doing anything for the next 2 days.

However, having said that I do think I pulled something in my left inner thigh at track on Tuesday. It nags a bit when I'm running or biking, but mostly when I'm just sitting around.
I think a few light days and ice and heat will take care of that.

Well I have a long bike today, but the weather turn rainy and windy so I might just do a short bike w/ a short run. We'll see : )