Friday, January 4, 2008

Back on track...

After some weeks of base training the last 4 weeks, even with the holidays, I feel like I'm back on track and ready with a full training schedule ahead. This weeks workouts I'll post on Sunday night. However, 5 workouts with 2 more scheduled seems like I am getting back up to speed alright.

First swim yesterday after 4 weeks off. Everything felt great except the water was a cool 64-68 degrees. First two laps felt like my arms were on fire??? Crazy! I stayed in long enough to hit a half mile and I had to get out. All the brain freeze with no ice cream. I sat in the hot tub for about 3 minutes thinking that was cold to0, it was 115, I just couldn't feel it.

Swimming is my main focus this year, hence starting training in January instead of March like last year. I figure if you come out of the water feeling like you just survived, the bike will just take your legs from you and the run will punish you. So for Olympic distance I have to be at the point were I come out of the water feeling like I just got out of bed and jumped on my bike. Well close too anyway.

So swimming yesterday and a cycling class after work. Knee started hurting during the class and I should of stopped because it still has a ache to it today. I have to mention my run on Wednesday night. AK and I headed out around 6pm up Phinney Ridge and it was just coming down in buckets. The kind were you stop avoiding puddles and just push up your sleeves and run hard into the darkness. It was great! You feel like you've survived something afterwards. I had a scheduled tempo run and just felt destroyed when I got back to the house, might have been my AM core workout talking, but it was fun!

So all in all back on track...

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