Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HELLO 2008!!!!!!

We've been waiting for 2008 to get here and get 2007 over with and out of our system. We both finished up last year with 400 miles ea, down a bit from last year and the year before. AK due to injury and myself due to focusing on the bike and swim more. Also, leading into 2007 I completely burned myself out on running, at the worst possible time. 5 weeks before the Phoenix RNR Marathon. I only ran my long runs and one three mile run in between each week. Crossing the 25 mile mark I had the mantra "1.2 and no running for 2 " (months) I lasted about 6 weeks and got back up and running when I needed to start training for the up coming tri's. Last years events rocked, I placed higher than the year before and could see and feel the training pay off. I placed 11th overall in the Federal Way sprint and nailed the Kirkland tri course. Kirkland was my "A" race and I hit my goal of placing in the top 100 and doing the bike course in under 40 minutes - "SWEET!" I had AK there cheering me on through T1 and T2. The bike leg was probably the highlight of my 2007 events. "George and I (my bike) threw everything we had at it and geared perfectly through all the turns and grades, just about redlining to the crest of every hill then cranking it up for the big downhills, no rest, tuck and pedal. Had to be the best ever so far....

The goals for this year are pretty simple:
  • Be a better runner instead of a lazy one
  • Train and make it through two Olympic distance triathlons
  • Really enjoy the local support of the running and triathlon community
  • Push past all the standards I've set for myself
Well gotta run, can't start off this new year sitting around in my PJ's till noon. Oops, well then at least not until one......

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Annie in Austin said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Team Klopeda! Your template and layout look good. Your blog is now in my Bloglines and it will be fun to follow your training progress.

My song may be "I'm built for comfort... I ain't built for speed" but your song should have words like 'run' and 'fast' in it. You guys really are built for speed ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose