Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So in general...

So in general I've been pretty busy these day's. I started training Dec. 1st and started school and work on the Jan 3rd. So I've been swimming in it lately trying to find a schedule that I can remember and stick to. It hasn't been great, but I've been tired and workouts took a back seat to life for awhile.

Works been a struggle, which puts everything else in a tail spin. I try and remember that in sport I have some control and that true joy mostly comes from hard work. In life away from sport, I have to remember this as well. Just like the first couple workouts of the season you have to know that this chapter will pass. The struggles will lay down and life will be full again.

The last few months I've been working on strength training and cycling. I've entered this year in the best weight I've been at in almost 15 years and feeling healthy. I usually enter training March 1st at about 132-133, this year I've entered at 124 and feel great, not under weight and weak. Controlling my weight was a big focus going into this season, as well as strength training. I've never done longer than 2-3 weeks on strength training before, so being almost three months in I feel like I'm at a different level than past years.

On the bike I've really tried to improve my flat road speed. In past years I always had major slow downs on flat roads. I could pass on hills and downhills, but long flats were where I had problems, mostly because I think I just get bored if the roads not heading up or screaming down : ) Anyways, I feel good abut the last few 50+ mile rides I've done on the flats. I need to bring the pacing that I've learnedin running over the last 8 years to the bike. I ride at a fast comfortable pace, but maybe a bit too fast for the long rides. Often I wait until the legs start to really bark and shutter and feel that that is when the real training starts. I can be a bit brutal to the legs when they think they've hit a wall.

Well training has been on the back burner for a few weeks and needs to switch over to start focusing on the goals of the season:

1. another sub 20 5k
2. sub 1:30 half marathon
3. 3:30ish marathon
4. Ironman of course

I guess you have to remember to lean on friends and loved ones close to you when things start to get out of control. Well I have pizza getting cold so I better go...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A few days since...

OK, it's been days since I've posted but I've got plenty to start up with again.

I started school and work at the beginning of the year and have just been spinning from both a new job and getting use to school.

So I'll be back on the blog, maybe trying something new, adding some audio when I get time.