Saturday, February 23, 2008

Out and about....

Last weekend I got out with George on the great ride. From the house to the Ballard Bridge then around the Mag Loop ( Magnolia bike loop) via the Disco for a out and back from the Locks. Then up 34th St. around by Swansons and back to the house. It's kind of a butt kicker of a course and I wanted to see how the legs were doing this early in the season. Lots of running and swimming so far, but not really any bike for the last three months. However, tomorrow I'll ride the Chilly Hilly with Eileen, Shell and a friend of hers and that will start real bike training for this year. Nothing like climbing back into bike training. Plenty of pictures to come after.....

Week totals
1 Swim .71 miles 40 min
2 Bike 24 miles 1:17 hrs
2 Run 9.47 miles 1:14 hrs
3 Other 1:32 hrs

8 workouts 4:45 hrs

Not a very productive week, too many other things going on last week to put together any really good intense workouts. One good run and a 13 mile spin is about all that felt right. The goal for last week in hours was 6:30. The goal for this week has to be 7 hrs minimum.

AK totals

4 Run 16 miles
7 Core 2:10 hrs

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