Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better late than never....

So I left my computer cord and the 21st century at work this weekend. I was computer free from Friday until Monday, it’s amazing how much day to day is connected to this little slim silver box : ) I didn’t even know what my training schedule held for me Sunday and Monday.

This last weekend a member of Team Cannoli, TK ran in the Austin Marathon
TK 3:19:14 312 overall.

And qualified again for Boston!!! Great work out there TK.

Running over the years has always been about setting personal goals and achieving things I thought were just out of reach. I don’t run or do triathlons to directly compete with anyone, mostly cause I feel like I’m too new to either sport to do that, but mostly because that’s not the overall goal. If I PR or compete and have my best possible day, that’s the goal.
I PR’d at Victoria in the half marathon a few years ago and it was at the time the best race I’d ever run. Steady at the start, strong at the turn around and picking up speed for the last 2 miles. Finished the last mile in under 7 minutes. I could feel the training and the hard work pay off as I crossed the line, it was amazing. That’s the goal for myself. I’ve also PR’d and been disappointed with myself. In the Run for the Pies a few years ago I did a Personal Best, but walked once and felt out of shape. I was upset with myself because I didn’t compete and have my best day possible, even though I PR’d, I felt like I let myself down and had no respect for the race distance that day.
I guess I was wrapping this around to say that if I didn’t know TK or someone like TK , I wouldn’t know or have known how far I could of pushed myself all these years. It’s fun to try to keep pace with someone either mentally or on the road that is as capable TK.
Here's TK finishing up at Beaver Lake Tri - his first

Again good work out there in Austin…..

Last weeks totals

2 Swim – 1.61 miles, 1:01 hrs - great swims 40 and 41 laps
1 Bike - 21.5 miles, 1:31 hrs
2 Runs - 9.8 miles, 1:27 hrs
2 Others – 1:28 hrs
7 workouts 5:20 minutes total

Just short of 5.5 that I wanted from the week. However, I was sick with a small fever for 2 days and a stomach thing for 2 days so I’m pretty happy with that.

AK Totals

5 Runs – 20 miles – totally rocking the run again!!!!
7 Core – 2:10 hrs

Next weeks goal is 6.5 hrs it’s already Tuesday and I only have 1:30 so I better get going…..

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out for my sweetie TK. He inspires me, too. The competition for me is not about crossing the finish line first, but about did I challenge myself to a point that I came to the edge of my ability, dug deep, and found something I did not know I had.