Monday, February 4, 2008

Not the best week....

Last week I just had to work for every mile, set and lap. I think I was fighting some bug that was going around work. My second swim of the week I felt totally exhausted just 3 laps in, talk about along ways from shore. Well, you know in a pool : )

Week totals…

3 runs 9.19 miles 1.53 hours
2 swims 1.4 miles 1 hour
1 bike 22 miles 1.55 hours
1 other 35 core and upper
8 overall workouts, 4.76 hours


5 runs 18.5 miles WOW!
7 cores 2.33 hours

I have run with my brother Lynn a few times now in some training runs for the Valentines Day run around Green Lake. It's great to see someone start to pick up a interest in running and pretty cool that I get to run with my brother.

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