Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another week down....

Training last week had it’s moment’s. Sunday I did a slow brick with a six mile run in the morning that was rain free, surprise! Then I didn’t want to rush into a bike because I was going to be doing hill repeats, so I waited about 2 hours before hitting the bike. I was looking forward to seeing how the bike would handle going from a triple sprocket to a compact, basically no “Granny Gear’. Not too bad on the training hill that I have. I was a little scared that without the gear I’d have to turn back from the hill or simply not make it up or even whose – walk!

OK maybe not walk. But it all went fine and the bike wasn’t really even fitted for me yet.

Monday was cool, it was my birthday and AK scored tix to the Mariners season opener. Neither one of us are big baseball fans, but hey it’s tix to a game! Wednesday I had a great swim at 1.3 miles, felt like form was improving, while my lap time got slightly quicker, I could cover the same length with using less energy.

So to cover .75 miles on ave. before I was swimming at about 90%. With the last 3-4 weeks I can cover the same .75 miles in the same time, but feel like I can drop to about 75-80% output.

And great news, last Thursday I went in for my FOURTH!!! bike fit and came out with the same bike.

The new bike feels amazing!!! Saturday I hit 25 miles, mostly hills to test the new bike (and my legs) and had a great ride in an almost sunny day. All in all a pretty good training week, thirty minutes short on the goal of 8 hours, but I think that’s fine.

Here's a picture of George watching a (the endless) storm come in over the Olympics on This past Mondays ride.

Weeks workouts….
2 Swim – 1.7 miles for 1:20 minutes
3 Bike – 47 miles for 3:40 minutes
3 Run – 13.32 miles for 1:50 minutes
1 Other – for 35 mintues

AK Workouts
5 Runs for 22 miles

5 Runs for 7 miles

Penny talking AK into a run or AK talking Penny into a run.
Hard to tell

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