Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I krycky - I forgot this can hurt you!!!

Alright it’s been a few, training last week was really good. I came in just five minutes short of 10 hours even. This week I have another 10 on order then back off to 6 next week.

Highlights from last week: I had a great swim on two days, only 2 swim days, but I knocked out over a mile on each day. SWEET! 1.09 and 1.16.

However, Sunday I felt something that I hadn’t felt in almost 2 years. PAIN! Real stop mid-stride and hop on one leg pain. I finished up just over 6 miles at the Disco and felt a little pinch on my right achilles. That led to some tightness and in about 50 yards the whole calf, ankle, heel area screamed for mercy.

I ran all last year injury free and most of the year before, so this is ??new?? I’m bummed, but at this point I have 5 months of training in and can’t be stupid by ignoring it and letting it effect any upcoming races. I can slide on my running this week and put in more bike and swim. Also, I can throw in a extra core workout. I had Monday off, after a hard weekend, so the rest of the week should be pretty good. And who doesn’t like biking in the rain!!! I wonder if I only breathed every four pedal strokes, could it double as swim training?

Anyways, I’ll have week totals again soon, AK said ‘as the hours of training rise the blog entries drop’. True that!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are true innovator in the training realm. Riding in the rain while breathing every 4th pedal stroke would TOTALLY qualify as swim training! Way to multi-task, my friend.
Sorry about the injury. That sounds like a total bummer.

Klopeda said...

I took 10 days off from running and got three 3 mile runs in this week. At 3 I can feel it start to tighten, I think I just need to stretch more.