Monday, April 14, 2008

9 hours down the hatch for this weeks training

9 hours down the hatch for this weeks training with 9 workouts.

I had a stretch of seven days of workouts without a rest day, YIKES! Although, I knew and felt like I wasn’t headed for any danger zones of fatigue or feeling worn out or over extended. Bummed I only got one swim in, but I did get a much needed core workout in. Biking this week was great with 66 miles in. The mileage could have been farther for the time spent, but two of the days were spent on hill training. One solid day with George and the other with the new bike out behind Swanson’s.

Monday I was looking to change up my repeat hill course, a .8-mile route from 65ft elevation to 322ft. I wanted to change the route mainly because the street is a major street into that neighborhood and passes by a busy school, not really safe bombing down to the bottom after hitting the top. Last year I would do 8-10 lap repeats and towards the end traffic would always get a bit hairy. Anyhow, so on Monday I took 28th up from the water and added about .2 miles on the climb. The road S turns a few times and raises through a pretty cool, less traveled neighborhood. With elevation topping out at about the same, within a few feet, but the main benefit is the longer climb time on a steady 8 and 9% grade with less traffic.

Running was feeling good, legs feel tried a bit, but was running on Phinney the other day and heading back from the zoo, I was at about 75% running comfortable and not pushing hard while clipping along at 6:50. Last year the same effort was returning at about 7:00 and 7:15 minute miles.

Saturday was a great sunny day and I hope everyone in the area got out and about. AK went out for a early morning run and came back with the quick warning of “ It’s already pretty hot out there”. I took off around Lake Washington over to Kirkland on the Burke then headed over Juanita Drive to Market St. and connected onto the Kirkland tri course.
The lesson of the day would be,’ put a second water bottle cage on your bike’. I stopped at three parks and none had a water faucet that worked or was running.

I guess I could of stopped at a store, but I'm never in the frame of mind to get off my bike during a ride for more than 2-3 minutes. Next time I'll have the extra cage for the heat. Although after last Saturday it's been steadily in the mid forties and low fifties, so that may not be an issue any time soon. We seemed to have slipped back into fall somehow???

5 Run – for 24.5 Miles – about to hit 300 for the year soon. WOW!

5 Run – for 7 Miles

My week –
1 Swim - .79 Miles for 30 minutes
3 Run -17.27 Miles for 2:33 minutes
3 Bike – 66.15 Miles for 4:28 minutes
2 Other – 90 minutes
9 Total for 9 Hours - Goal for the week was 9 hours, Sweet!!!

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