Sunday, March 2, 2008

What this week has....

Weeks Totals –

Swim – 2 for 1.26 miles 1 hour
Bike - 2 for 50.5 miles 3:33 hours – Sundays ride was 3 parts: 5, 32, 5.5
Run – 2 for 11.79 miles 1.31 hours – easy week
Other – 1 for 25 minutes
Total – 7 workouts for 6.52 hours *Goal hit for hours of training.

AK Totals

Run 5 for 20 miles – Nice work!!!
Core 7 for 2:10 hours

This week was a good look into the time needed to spend on the bike to get back up to speed. I laid off the run because of the Chilly last Sunday, but feel back to about 90% on my running. Saturdays run however had the worst hamstring cramps I’ve experienced in over two years, although they feel fine this morning. This with Mercer coming up next weekend is a sign that I may have to lay off the running again this week. I want to compare this 10k time with the 10k at Nookachamps. If I can finish close to 43 minutes without feeling as wasted and out of shape as I did at Nookachamps, that would be the goal Also, with those two times I can set a training speed and race goal for the 10k in the Olympic distance. For the 5k in sprints I was surprisingly only about 10 sec per mile off from regular 5k pace.

Goals this week for training and planning-

Training goal this week is 7 hours with three “2 a days” I get the new bike fitted this Tuesday and can start training with him by mid week – SWEET!
Planning, I have to figure out what placement in the water I should start out in. By ranking I’m in the top 20% , but at the start of a race I usually wait about 5-10 seconds after the start gun to follow the pack. Then about half way start passing people and in the last ¼ really using a lot of energy to get around people.

I do this of course because swimming in a pack is one of the scariest things I’ve ever been through. Feet kicking you in the face, inhaling water, arms hitting your shoulders, inhaling water and hands grabbing your legs and feet. All while you’re inhaling water, screaming to yourself in your head, at least you hope it’s in your head, ‘don’t panic, don’t panic!!!’. So for this I wait at the start for a few seconds and swim to the back left side. However, this week I’m going to study where in the water I should be, in the front or stay where I’ve been. I feel so much stronger in my swim this year than last with form and strength. Also, in overall time and distance in the pool. Last year I only did about 20 minutes per workout in the pool and about 15 minutes in open water. So far my pool time is about 5x a week what it was last year and I’m covering almost 3x the distance per workout.
- Here's a picture of my and Shell coming out of the water on the above mentioned tri at Issaquah ....

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