Sunday, March 23, 2008

Once more with feeling....

Let’s try that again….2 weeks ago

2 bikes 39.25 miles for 2:55 minutes
3 runs 12.83 miles for 1:33 minutes
1 other for 30 minutes

6 workouts for 5:01 hours, hit total hour goal, sick first part of the week. Had a good bike and a run on Saturday to make up for the lack luster week of training. Went out with Eileen to Seward Park, easy ride for us, we kept it pretty slow. Which was great because I was only riding fast enough to be left behind by a few minutes. After getting back home I felt pretty good so I changed into running gear and hit the road for 3 miles. Pushed the run a bit to make up for the bad week with a ave. of 7:18 per mile. No swims this week, Arrg!

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