Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quick update..

Weeks total….
Swim 2 at 1.72 miles for 1:13 Hours
Bike 2 at 27.5 miles for 2:01 Hours
Run 2 at 9.21 miles for 1:15 Hours
Other 2 at 1:30 Hours

8 Workouts for a total of 6 Hours.

AK Totals

5 runs 20 miles
5 core workouts

Mercer’s this Sunday so I took it easier on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I want to have a good even race, not like Nookachamps!!! Ugh! Training has been real steady for the run and I feel pretty good about it. I want to use this 10k time as my target for my triathlons this year so I want a good even run hopefully with a time of 43 minutes.

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