Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recovery and sunny days

An easy week of recovery this week from the marathon. A few bike rides and a small run. I think as much as I want to race in a few things over the next couple of weeks. I think I'll just rest up and support AK with her marathon training for Seattle in a few weeks.

She hasn't signed up for it, but I have a feeling she's going to jump in for the full in a few days. Having run a few times this last week already, I know she says she's recovered from Victoria. So why the hell not : )

I got out on the bike today for the first time since Kirkland, oh the work. I hit a few hills and long flats - felt like I was riding on flats...
I think I'm going to start a weekly spin class with some friends from Emerald Multisport to keep up the biking over the winter.

Mostly I was just wanting to enjoy the day and take advantage of the sunny, sunny day. While I was out on that, AK was doing a 13 mile run around the hood and to Green Lake.

After that we took Penny over to Marymoor to the dog park and ran around there for a few hours. Until she just started laying down in the tall grass every time we threw the ball for her.

Look at that tongue!!!
I think we'll all sleep well tonight.

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