Friday, October 10, 2008

Long run on Sunday.....

Off to the Victoria Marathon tomorrow. I feel good and ready for the run. Maybe not 100%, but close enough not to make it brutal.

I guess that is all you can ask sometime. I can't look at all the training I didn't get in for the marathon and have to look at it like this - I can pace and maintain and enjoy the day.

It could be worse, I look at this as a great weekend getaway to celebrate one hell of a year in training and racing. I had such a great year that this is a cool way to just put a good high watermark on it.

The main story for this weekend is AK's run. She has been training and in the zone for the marathon. Knocking off 5 days a week and long runs like water. I can see it's not easy on her, shoving out at 6:30 in the morning to get a morning run in before work. Cold dark mornings, with little shelter from wind or rain.

I can see that she has that look of keeping an eye on down the road. Looking down to the payoff. Looking down to this Sunday. Looking down to seeing mile marker 22 and knowing - totally have this.....

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Annie in Austin said...

Great post! You're in a beautiful part of the world - we're thinking of you and wishing you both good runs tomorrow!