Sunday, January 23, 2011

I long for...

I long for the days of sweat running over hills
Cutting through the water, smooth, reach, pull
“This gets you there, you love this!”

I long for power coming from weak, tired legs
Hips forcing and taking the lead, the rest following
Focus on form, open fields, breathe, relax, glide

I long for cringing at the days schedule, anxious 
Hills at tempo, flats at race, downs steady and safe
Head down, fuel in, this is just training

I long for seeing the lake as a stepping stone
Water trickles off still as the pedaling begins
Each mornings sunrise builds the machine

I long for limits and friends pushed
Stay on my shoulder, - Stay on their wheel
Out too fast, too far pass gone

I long for the shade beneath the trees
Crushing winds, deep in training
Legs aching for the hunt, begging to fly

I long to build towards that hurt
That place that lives in and behind the reasons
On the faces crossing the line, across our limits

This is what I long for...

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