Friday, December 31, 2010

Just a few pictures from 2010...

A little recap of 2010. Mostly some photos that didn't make it in and some I just wanted to see again. I learned so much from family, friends and teammates. This year was pretty crazy and I couldn't have made it through without Alley supporting me and taking care of everything "behind the scenes"if you will. Also, Sara, Karen, Laura and TN Multisport Team/family for putting in all those rainy day training runs and rides! Maybe mini golf next year : )

Great photo of emotion just before the start of IMC
Little did we know how important this place would be
Poor Pen in the Shark Cage
What a fun race with Matt, Tiff, Alley and Miia. 17 minutes late for the start of the race. Shuttle bus next year for sure!
4 days of touring through this on the bikes. Pretty Sweet!
First flat in two years. At least it was scenic!
Sara and Karen making it to Hanging Rock on day 2 of the tour. Intense climb!
Can't even explain what this was like!
First 100 Mile bike ride...

Sara & Karen at IMC

Waves hitting shore during the wind storm.
Caught in a crazy wind storm Friday before IMC

Just drinking it all in...
Definitely one of my best moments of the year!

Lights out after IMC, long, long day...

WHOA! Alley working the slide!
Alley getting ready to win the second game of the night. Argh!

Long day for Alley, x ray would later find a nasty stress fracture in her leg. She felt it bite her way back at mile 13!
Running the Ballard Turkey Trot w/ friends

Playing in the snow with one of our snow beasts
Easier days after tri season is over...

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Teresa said...

Awesome year! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! Big hugs to you and Alley! xoxo