Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stronging it through the weak miles...

The last couple weeks have been slow in going in getting the training season started. I blame it on the weather and - well the weather. Cold sucksssss.

Nookachamps went well, I pulled 20th out of 167ish, somewhere around there. It’s funny cause I came in over a minute slower than last year, but with a MUCH better result. I was looking at it as a training run and felt pretty comfortable during the race with the pacing I was keeping, pretty steady.

Over the last week I put in a few good runs to work and this last Saturday around Discovery Park. The run on Saturday was a bit of work, the first 3 miles or so were just real painful and heavy work. Not that it should ever be real easy, but this was just work.

Through the last rough mile I was thinking ‘I can just walk this out and get a good walk in to the top’. Then I started telling myself, ‘ you can run slow, but you can’t stop, because you don’t stop.’ In low gear and pushing up a hill I kept breathing, pace and not letting myself talk me into stopping and walking.

The line “Stronging it through the weak miles” came to mean -Keep moving through the miles you feel weak in and stay with it until you can pull out of it.

Hitting mile 4, the legs started picking up and I felt great rolling through the trails at the Disco. I ended up with a great run that started out flat and almost finishing 30 minutes earlier.


Annie in Austin said...

Coming in 20 sounds pretty good! Wondered if any of team in the little video & photo of Nookachamps but size of video too small to tell.

But at least it gives an idea of how the run looked.

Klopeda N Training said...

Thanks for the link! I didn't see any of us in it, but that's OK. It was a fun event as always. 20th was pretty good for a training run, I didn't push much past about 80%. However, due to fitness level I was still just about running on empty at the finish.