Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten days til the work starts....

Have been keeping it pretty low the last few weeks, much to my liking. I wouldn't say I'm a lazy person, but not having to get out of bed at 5:45 to train is really easy to get use to.

I started looking at the 2009 season and started to see what I would smash and grind the body through this next year. I love the time away from "Sport" because after a few weeks of not being active, I get this real surge of the " oh, I can't wait!" Like waiting for Santa 2 weeks out.

I really want to tune up the year with Nookachamps at the beginning of the year with a hard fast half marathon. I'd like to go under 1:30, which isn't out of the question with the way I was running in the summer. I'd really like to start tri-season with the San Francisco Olympic Tri, the run does an out and back over the Golden Gate Bridge, how cool is that!

I want to through a huge effort into this next year and think I could really have fun doing it. This last year I focused on swimming and made what I thought was huge advancements in distance and speed. Making a 1.2 mile swim seem totally fine to start the day or a race : )

Well, talk to you all soon...


Theodore said...

Will we be able to get snowboarding updates here while waiting for spring training?

Klopeda said...

You should, not sure how the snow will be this year???? Usually by now we've heard about one or more lifts opening, but nothing so far. There will surely be updates of Penny in the snow! You can count on that!!!

Annie in Austin said...

Maybe you should admit that playing with Penny is your real favorite sport!
Sure hope your snow situation lets you do a little boarding.

You have had quite a year - hope next Sunday is a good running day, too.


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