Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Heavy days of training

The last few days have been real work out on the road. Saturday I got in a, roughly, one mile swim at Seward. I felt slow and a bit tired at the first two laps, them really finished strong on the last two.

I think this may be do to the fact that I don't warm up before a swim. I'll have to start working on that.

After the swim I did about a 16 mile flat out TT (Time Trial) style ride, Lake Washington Blvd. was closed to traffic so the roads were empty of cars. SWEET! I pushed hard in the 90-95% range, even up the little cork screw to the Arboretum.

I felt OK when I got back to the car and grabbed my shoes and headed off for a quick 5-10 minute run. Not a full run, but something to give the legs a reminder of what's to come. Instead I went ahead and ran around Seward Park and tried to keep a good effort up, still in the 90% range.

Not sure if that was a good idea, but then again if my body had really thought it was a bad idea I would of cracked on the run and walked back to the car.

One injury of note: ?!?!

When I was taking my wet suit out of the bag, my recovery drink fell out and onto the top part of my foot, only about a 1.5 foot drop. It hurt a bit at the time, but I didn't think too much of it and did the swim and the bike. When I got off the bike and tried to put my running shoes on*&$*#@* OMG I had to let out a few choice words. At that point I figured the shoe went on so I might as well run, but even today it still hurts to put a shoe on.

Yesterday I got a hard six miles in in the morning with a core workout in the afternoon.

Today I went out this morning looking for some easy bike miles to fill about 90 minutes and ended up finding a really cool new hill to climb. Again over in the Blue Ridge area, this one has great views and climbs just over 200 ft in 1.17 miles. One stretch of about 100 yards pulled up to 13% grade on my Forerunner.

I guess if I can start doing laps on the Esplanade Hill doing Beaver Lake Triathlon wouldn't be totally out of the question

OK, have to run out for a swim workout now at Madison Park.

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