Thursday, July 10, 2008

20 Days .....

These last two weeks I’ve had ready great training with longer workouts. I have to keep in mind that training rides and runs that I did last year or 3 months ago can only count for about half of what I need to do now.

I have to put it this way - the time for the bike course for the olympic distance will be as long as an entire sprint race. I’ll have to pace more
than sprint. From a runners point of view I half to look at it as a 10 miler or half marathon rather than a 5K.

Got a good ride around the top of the lake and over to St. Eds a few days ago

20 days out from Federal Way and I feel ready good about the swim, which I didn’t think I’d be saying. I have a mile(ish) swim at Green Lake coming in around 31-33 minutes. And feeling pretty good coming out of the water.

I still need to do a swim/bike brick, probably this weekend, .88 mile swim out at Seward, then I’ll bike a 26 mile route home.

About when Eileen should be hitting Olympia !?!?
Eileen’s riding all hard core this weekend doing the STP(Seattle to Portland) in one day instead of the standard 2 days. ............... Full On! She’ll totally rock the bike this weekend. Good Luck Girl!!!!

Also, wanted to say good luck to the women from my track group racing Hagg Lake in Oregon this weekend also!

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