Monday, May 19, 2008

Enough already with being sick......

Still a little off, with a great cough lasting about a week now. AK has an even worse cough and Penny is bouncing back from her little down turn.

However, no time to be sick, still have to get training in. Last week I was suppose to hit 10 hours, but being sick for the most part I only got to about 7:30. AK said something funny after our run at the Disco last Sunday, mind you we were both sick for about two days at that point. She said " I feel a little better today, not 100%, but I think I turned the corner on being sick" I thought it was funny because she just finished a 4 mile run talking about maybe feeling better about being sick. AK's HARD CORE!!!

This past week Team Cannoli got together for some swim, bike and run training. Shell, TK and I actually swam with the fishes??? We jumped in Green Lake for a pretty good swim and a good reminder of how little pool training relates to open water swim. We all faired pretty well and had about 6-8 2 foot fish swimming around us from time to time.

After we got out TK and AK hit a few laps around the lake with Lil' K following on her bike. While Shell and I biked over to jump on the Mag loop then out to Golden Gardens, before heading up 34th and tackling the Blue Ridge route home. Shell was a good sport and really hung in there on a course she'd never been on before. And what a great day weather wise!!!

OK, have to finish up and go make coffee for the morning.........

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