Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking back at the season...

This year was a bit different than most I've had. I was looking for my first 70.3 and trying to deal with the added training time in relation to the burnout factor than hits at the end of every season. My plan was to miss the first race of the year, meaning I could postpone training for a month, hoping that I'd also push the burnout factor out a month as well.

Now don't get me wrong, I love all the training and everything that goes into making the machine move, but I also know myself. And planning ahead can save a huge meltdown on the system and to those around you in the long run.

The only thing I was never happy w/ this year was my swim training. I took a class and that improved my stroke and thought process in the water, but getting in the water was were I feel asleep on the job. Last year I did 55 swim workouts - 27 of those open water. This year I only did 18 open water swims, and 4 of those were in races. Argh!

No excuse for that! I was a bit faster than last year and just a bit fresher coming out of the water than last year, but never felt I hit the potential I could of with mroe time in the water.

On the other hand, or leg, my bike had really big improvements. I increased ave speed from 18 plus to just over 20 mph. Of course flat courses are still my down fall, need more stomp! Working on that as we speak or write, hitting the gym pretty hard over the last few weeks. If I can maintain strength and core training over the next 2 months, I should be right where I've never been before.

My running this year was above ave, but again I didn't get the track workouts like I did last year. I believe I was so hot in the run last year because of track and running at the Disco 2-3X a week. This year I just ran the Disco maybe once a week and only did a few track workouts a month. I did maintain longer 6-8 mile runs 3x a week for a larger base than last year. Also, w/ the 70.3 half marathon I didn't really know what pace I should be training at - Half speed - 7:10 / Full speed - 8:30? Didn't really know...

Overall I did as I wanted to, with a few minor notes to self.

Get your head in the game or go home. With tri season, like any other sport, the game is the whole thing. Training/recovery/racing. You can't phone in any one of them and expect to have the results or hit the goals that you sent for yourself. It's hard to remember that at 5:45am when you're leaving for the 3X that week to get to the pool for some laps. Or throw on the shoes to hit the road for your 8th workout that week and it's only Thursday.

Well, of course it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't so damn fun and rewarding. Those are the things you have to remember, that and the way you felt when you didn't give 100% or didn't train like you knew you should of. Such a fine line...

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