Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back at it...

Finally feeling 100% after a few weeks of being sick, last week was right back in the push for Federal Way on July 26th with 10 hrs of training. I put in 3 open water swims last week, which is funny because that’s the same amount that I did last year for the start of the season to the end, not including races.

I have so far 8 open water workouts this season. I feel a little more at ease with it, not completely, but much better than before. However, on Tuesday, out at Green Lake with a steady wind and feeling the brunt of the fetch out there on the north end, I got a real beating in the water. I wasn’t in survival mode, I found a good rhythm and changed from 3 strokes to 2 strokes, but I was getting thrown around pretty good, seemed like with 2 strokes I was getting slapped in the face more often.

Finished the afternoon with between .675 and .75 at 22 minutes. Another guy and I both had the same thought, we could bag because of the bad conditions or push on because you don’t have a choice on race day.

SO I took the plunge and made the new bike a real tri race bike.....

I took off the Specialized carbon cockpit and added a Profile Design X Aerobar Triathlon cockpit with bar end shifters. I only took it out for a quick 3 mile spin and need to make some adjustments, but it feels really comfortable already. It was a hard choice and it came down to remembering why I bought and upgraded to a bike at that level. It’s for training and racing, period, not for comfort on 3-4 hour rides, but all out, dropping the hammer and going flat out as hard and fast as I can go. So I made the switch.

Today is a bitter sweet day. It’s been one year ago today that we lost our sweet boy and friend Luke. Again he was our cat of 7 years and was just the greatest pal you could ask for. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and how he would of loved his new sister Penny. We see so much of Luke in Penny, all crazed and amazed and a sweet heart from the time to set eyes on them.

So the new bikes name will be Lucas.

Miss you


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